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Being a small Island, the sea is a constant presence. As such, when considering the breadth of experiences Santa Maria has to offer, these naturally divide into two groups: Inland experiences and sea adventures.


There’s a great number of experiences that are possible to do inland, not necessarily all of them dry! As well as horse riding, hiking, bike rides, and forest parks, one can also try canyoning in some of locations and Santa Maria has several companies providing these services.


It is at Sea that we find Santa Maria’s most alluring experiences. From a simple boat tour around the island, watching Dolphins playing, diving with Manta Rays, or snorkelling with the gentle spotted giants, Whale Sharks (Late September to October). For the more active, underwater spearfishing and boat fishing is also possible. Other popular activities are to hire a sailing boat, or explore the shoreline by sea kayak.

There are also some great SCUBA diving spots around the island, provided by several companies offering the required services and equipment. We suggest visiting Ambrósio Peak (Manta Rays, Blue Fish, Ambar Jacks, and Whale Sharks), visiting the islets Formigas and the reef Dollabarat.

Surfing and windsurf is sometimes possible at Praia Formosa, Anjos or São Lourenço.

Whatever you choose to do in Santa Maria, we feel honoured and privileged that you have chosen us as a home and a centre of reference for all the precious moments you will enjoy and the memories you will create with your stay at Casa de Almagreira.