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Casa de Almagreira is to be rented as one whole unit, no rooms are let individually. Price rates are determined by the number of rooms guests required (maximum 8 pax) and 2 seasons are applicable:

Low Season
October to May
(8 Months)
High Season
June to September
(4 Months)
1 Bedroom (2 pax) €200.00 €250.00
2 Bedrooms (Up to 4 pax) €250.00 €320.00
3 Bedrooms (Up to 6 pax) €300.00 €390.00
4 Bedrooms (Up to 8 pax) €350.00 €460.00

Crib use is free.

Note: The informed prices might be altered without prior notice and booking fees as shown must be verified upon booking.

Minimum booking is considered for a 3 night stay and subjected to confirmation.

Reservations under a 5 night occupancy are subjected to confirmation and a short stay tax of €100.00 is applicable.

Informed prices include all applicable taxes.

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For information about availability and booking conditions, please fill in the form below, or contact us directly.

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In order for us to provide you with a better experience, allowing a better preparation of Casa de Almagreira, we ask you to inform us how the distribution of guests will be made per number of rooms and beds (double and single beds). You can also use this form to tell us about any special situation, or if you want to inquire us.

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